SHH Shifter 7R MAX

  • SHH is an USB plug & play shifter
  • 7+R Gear top plate included
  • 2 Knobs included
  • Optional sequential and 6 Gear top plates
  • Magnetic switches, 100 million cycleS



  • Body with 4 colors to choose
  • Top plate with 4 colors to choose
  • Customizable logo and/or name
  • Different assembly options

2 IN 1

H and Sequential shifter

  • 2 kind of shifter in 1
  • Mode change with a wrist turn
  • Precise and firm H mode
  • Hard and solid SEQ mode


Improved functions

  • Waterjet cut POM thermoplastic top plates
  • Regulable device force spring
  • Knob change in 20 seconds
  • Use your preferred knob using 8mm adaptor

First step

Order your preferred SHH shifter via Paypal, and we will send you an email confirming your order with an approximate shipping date. Due to high demand, next orders will ship in JULY 17.

Second step

Once the order is confirmed, we will start to fabricate your SHH Shifter. We use two precise 3D printers for the majority of the pieces.

Third step

When the shifter is finished, tested and ready, we will ship it to you to enjoy with your favourite virtual cars.


Configure your SHH Shifter

  • 89€
  • Body
  • Top cover
  • Mount
  • Logo
  • The order will be sent to the address that marks your Paypal account, check that it is correct before placing the order
  • Shipping:
  • Phone:
  • Shifter comes with the chosen mount and two knobs (short and long)

Check here shipping prices
  • 9€
  • Aditional top cover
  • 10€
  • Aditional mount (EXTRA)


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What our clients say

"I few days since I have it, and I recommend it 100%. Excellent value for the money. In iRacing is perfect, you can change from H to seq on the fly!"

"I recommended your shifter in because it's an awesome quality/price product!"

"The shifter arrived. Well, I am very satisfied and I wanted to thank you for the great product you made. Thank you!"

"Simply exceptional the work you have done. Great shifter and good quality!! All our Racing GTeam Motorsports are happy to wear your name in our cars and using your shifters. Great and enjoyable purchase!!"

"Shifter works flawlessly and has a great touch. Excelent work and customer attention."

"If you want a polivalent shifter with a good price, SHH is the one, I was exceptic about 3D printing, but after trying it I was impressed by its strength and performance, 100% recommended."

"Estamos seguros de que con vuestro buen hacer y precios competitivos llegaréis a un gran público"
Eneko Celayeta, CEO de EC Sim Hardware

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